What we do


Strike a genuine conversation with the right donor who is passionate about helping the world be a better place. We pride ourselves with our fundraising skills, having partnered with over a dozen charities, raising over $20 Million AUD through 20000 unique donors. Our specialist recruitment and training teams develop passionate fundraisers that ensure we consistently meet and exceed expectations. 

Program enrollment

Create a connection with customers and engage with them in a long-term partnership with your brand, through SAI APAC's program enrollment campaigns. Our campaigners visit potential customers at their doorstep to apprise them about your products and services.

Brand awareness

Brand awareness is all about creating a lasting impression in the minds of a consumer and there is no better way to do it than talking directly to consumers. Our team specializes in identifying target markets and delivering information at the convenience at the consumer's doorstep.

Appointment setting

Leave the stress and hard work of finding new business to us. We directly approach your target market at their doorstep and find qualified prospects and set up appointments for you to meet with them at your convenience. We pride ourselves with our product training and we ensure that we represent ourselves as an extension to our clients.


Our commitment is to partner with you to acquire a network of long-term customers and drive your sales. Our campaigners interact with customers on a daily basis as ambassadors of your products and services and deliver the right message to the right target market. Our core objective is to ensure our clients profit from direct selling with a long-term commitment from customers.

Market Research

We understand that market research is one of the important components to have an edge over competition. Our teams of campaigners visit consumers to get an insight of the current market scenario. This helps us analyze the market size, customer preference that further enables us to provide you with strategic and comprehensive sales solutions for your brand.

Our commitment is to partner with you to achieve your goal. We pride ourselves on our continuing commitment towards providing the highest levels of customer care to our clients. Our aim is to ensure our clients profit from direct selling by acquiring a long-term commitment from customers.